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What’s the point of having a great book you pour months into writing, or an incredible music CD you spend thousands of dollars producing, if only you and your family know about it? Self-published books and independently produced CDs end up in boxes stacked in garages and storage houses collecting dust unless people know they exist! If you’re not promoting your project and growing your fan-base, then all you have is just another book or another collection of songs soon to be forgotten, right after you distribute them as Christmas and birthday gifts to all the people you know. That’s why you need a publicist!

There are a number of benefits to having a public relations executive on your team. You need someone to help promote your story (release of a record, accomplishment of an artist, impact of a book, etc.) by generating publicity, managing promotional campaigns, establishing social media connections, and assisting in helping to build your brand in the market.

At Gloria Green Entertainment, we promote, coordinate, publicize, manage and consult artists and businesses that are interested in the faith-based industry. Whether you’re a new artist trying to get started, an indie artist needing help spreading the word, a self-published author wanting to put a campaign together, or a business or organization trying to connect with the faith-based community, Gloria Green Entertainment can help through publicity campaigns, special event coordination, and/or consulting.

Contact for additional information and to discuss your individual needs.

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PR Services



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