What Did You Get for Christmas?

Did you get what you wanted for Christmas? Was it a brand new guitar? No? Perhaps you already have one that’s been collecting dust because you never learned how to play. Or maybe you play a little, but haven’t figured out how to go from amateur hobbyist to a professional guitarist. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to play guitar and work professionally at it, but haven’t found a teacher who can also share tips on making it in the music business, then meet singer/songwriter, and classically trained guitarist Robert Arthur! 


In addition to his one-on-one personal lessons offered locally in Nashville, TN, Robert is now accepting guitar students via Skype and FaceTime. A graduate of the University of South Carolina with a Bachelors degree in classical guitar performance, Robert was a full-time guitar teacher in Union, SC before moving to Nashville in 1992. He has toured extensively with country music artists Brad Paisley, Jeff Bates, The Henningsens and many others, and has performed with legends like Johnny Cash and Waylon Jennings, and shared the stage with a number of other country music stars. 

“My guitars have seen all the lower 48 states, Canada, the Caribbean!” Robert Arthur

As a studio musician, Robert has spent many hours in different types of studios, recording hundreds of sessions, from very low-budget demos to major label records. As I songwriter he has been blessed to have had three major publishing deals, and over 100 songs recorded by small independent country and Gospel music artists, and major-label acts such as Chris Young and Brad Paisley. One instrumental cut with Paisley was nominated for a Grammy.

Robert wants to put his vast experience to work for you helping to equip you in many styles, on acoustic or electric, and to share his special insights for the guitar playing songwriter! He is passionate about the guitar and would love to put that passion to work for you! Contact Robert Arthur at: SirRobArtMusic@bellsouth.net for more information about pricing, scheduling, etc.


Corner of Danny & Kansas Avenue


Happy Anniversary to Danny and Kansas Fergen! Ten years of marriage is definitely something to celebrate! It’s even more so as our country and culture have watched more and more couples choosing not to ever get married; and many who do, even within the church, still ending up in divorce just a few years into their marriage.

But wait. Why am I sending congratulatory remarks to some couple on my entertainment blog?

Well, this is no ordinary couple; at least not to me. And while I’m sure the word extraordinary would not be appropriate, they are definitely two people making a huge difference in the world today, just by living out their lives the way they feel God is directing them to do.


I first met Kansas Calkhoven before she became Mrs. Fergen, when she was part of a Christian sister pop group TruEmotion. The oldest of six girls, she and four of her sisters made up the music group who I represented. There’s an incredible story to tell, not so much about how the group was formed, but rather how their family of six girls was made. But that’s another great story for another time.

For now, let’s talk about when Kansas met Danny. Or better yet, what they have been doing since marrying on June 11, 2007.

From early on in their relationship, they knew they wanted to grow their family in a non-traditional way. Both agreed that adoption was God’s plan for them before trying to pursue having children biologically. They began the adoption process a few months into their marriage, thinking it would take a few years before they had placement of a child. But, God had a different plan. Just a year after they were married, they got “the call” that would change their lives forever. They welcomed a nine month old baby boy into their forever family. It was that choice, that call, and that child that paved the way for how God would continue to work in their hearts and orchestrate their family for the years to come.

“I fell into motherhood really fast at the age of 23, to a nine month old baby boy and two months later we found out we were expecting.” — Kansas Fergen

Every day people fall in love, they get married, they talk about how they plan to grow their family, and they move forward towards those goal. So what makes Danny and Kansas’ story a special one? Well, for one, I have never met a young twenty-something year old couple who sets out to become parents by adoption first, so early in their marriage. But more than just having children — biologically and through adoption — it is how they are raising them, and what God is doing through their kids, as much as with them as a family unit, that caught my attention.

Now, ten years into their marriage, Danny and Kansas are already the parents to five beautiful, creatively different, loving children, ranging from a toddler to two tweens.


“Not every family is meant to look the same, but every life matters. Our family is built on the faithfulness of God through both biological & adopted children.”

Danny and Kansas aren’t just growing their family; they’re building a ministry while they’re at it. And I’d like to introduce you to different parts of that, a little piece at a time.

So come back here as I continue to share with you more about The Fergens over the next several weeks, and see why you will enjoy getting to know who they are, what they’re doing, and what’s next in God’s plan for their family’s life! And who knows? Music just might be a part of what’s to come in the future!

So Happy Anniversary Fergens! Here’s to 10+10+10+10+10 more!



Merry Christmas! I hope you are all doing well, and that this past year has been good to you. For me and Gloria Green Entertainment, it’s been a year of transition. Three years ago, I was teaching part-time as an Adjunct Professor at MTSU while still running my company on a full-time basis. It was the perfect pairing since I was teaching Music Business students in the Recording Industry department. Fast forward a year later, and I suddenly found myself working full-time at MTSU — teaching Artist Management, Concert Promotion & Touring, Music Publicity, and Survey. The time I could devote to my company shifted to a part-time basis (thus my absence from and irregular postings to this blog). Then, earlier this year, I was hired as a tenure-track Assistant Professor! Who knew how the last five years would play out?!

I love teaching! I love sharing my knowledge, my experience, and even my contacts, with the next generation of music industry executives, producers, and performers. Part of that commitment for me now includes launching MTSU’s first ever Talent Agency class back in January, developed with the aid of several MTSU talent agent alums. And now, focusing my attention towards the completion of a Music Publicity textbook.

Yes, there’s much I am thankful for, and feeling more than blessed at this new direction God has taken me. Gloria Green Entertainment is still here; I have no plans of closing it. As much as I love teaching, I plan to continue to commit time to also helping people already out there working in the music and entertainment industry. I am still available for PR and consulting work; and I continue to do some writing, and even artist development. My most recent personal venture and passion is Catching Raindrops in Water Buckets. Check out my blog at http://www.catchingraindropsinwaterbuckets.com or postings on Twitter (@catchingtherain).

I pray you enjoy this wonderful season in the year and this season in your life. Blessings to you and your company, business, ministry, and family in the new year!

All of Life’s Best,

Gloria Green Entertainment!

What a Weekend!


Friday night as a blast! Yep, you’re just now hearing from me again, but that’s another story I’ll address later. But Friday, April 25 was an event worth talking about. Brent Gambrell Ministries kicked off their 10th anniversary celebration with A Night on the Porch concert and fundraiser event on Music Row. In addition to learning more about the organization’s work in Haiti, through their A Door to Hope ministry, attendees were also treated to a concert by Sparrow Recording artist Josh Wilson, and opening worship lead by Haiti singer/songwriter Mathieu Ludgy.

Brent and Josh

The three-hour event included education stations highlighting the ministry’s three programs in Haiti: A Block of Hope, the Key to Hope, and the Foundation of Hope; and information on how attendees and supporters can become an Advocate for the organization.







I’ve been to Haiti before — two times to be exact. But hearing Brent talk about the impact the various campaigns are having in Haiti, makes me excited and ready to go again. What I really want is to take my 16 year old niece and let her do some hands’ on work, and see how other teenagers live and work to survive in other places around the world. That’s my goal, to take her with me some time within the next year.

For now, my objective is to make sure as many people as possible know about the incredible work this ministry is doing here in the US and there in Haiti.

Another cool thing at the A Night on the Porch was a Haiti market where you could find necklaces and bracelets made by women whose stories are included with each piece of jewelry you buy. The women make a portions of the sales for each item. And for the next seven months, as the ministry continues their 10th anniversary of being and working in Haiti, people can purchase certain items — including the necklace, for only TEN DOLLARS! How cool is that?

IMG_6271 IMG_6272 IMG_6273

I love the work that BGM and A Door to Hope is doing — helping to fund classrooms, raising money to pay for good teachers; feeding programs where and when needed; helping pastors to rebuild their churches; and supporting programs already in place to help the people of Haiti to be able to work and rebuild up their own villages and communities.

If you want to learn more about ways to be involved, check them out at http://www.adoortohope.com or go online to purchase items at http://astoreforhope.com.




GMA Dove Awards Announcement

The 44th annual GMA Dove Awards will be held on Tuesday, October 15 at the David Lipscomb University’s Allen Arena. If you haven’t purchased your tickets yet, it’s not too late. Support the Gospel Music Association and your favorite Christian and Gospel music artists.


IMG_4973 Nashville Mayor Karl Deen Welcoming the Dove Awards back to Nashville!

IMG_4976 GMA Executive Director Jackie Patillo welcoming Press Conference Hosts Doug & Jaci from Salem Communication’s The Fish radio station.

IMG_4978  94 FM The Fish radio morning co-hosts Doug and Jaci (Velasquez) introducing press conference special guests



For more information on the Gospel Music Association and the GMA Dove Awards, go to http://www.gospelmusic.org!