I was born a Publicist. Or at least I think I became one long before I ventured off into middle school. Of course, I didn’t know that’s what you called someone who loved helping to build up someone else’s talents (in middle school, it wasn’t about a career — yet), by helping to promote their role in the school musical, their part in a church play, or their band solo. And when I wasn’t helping to publicize someone else’s event, I was creating my own — writing and directing plays and skits, always remaining in the background so that I could do a better job of promoting the talent that was in front of the audience.

Even though I thought I’d become a Child Psychologist, I always loved the world of entertainment – music, movies, television, sports — all of it! It wasn’t until Graduate School while I was working on my Masters in Mass Communication that I took a serious look at combining my love of entertainment with my passion for public relations. My journey was as varied as my passions — working as an Intern in the University of SC Sports Information office; and part-time in the Lt Governor’s press secretary’s office during Grad School; and as a Public Information Officer for a state government agency following graduation. Turns out that Bachelor’s degree in Psychology was a really good thing!

Now, after over 20 years in public relations and live entertainment, including 13+ years at the William Morris Agency, I’m turning part of the attention back to me. I love creative people and the creative world and use my company, Gloria Green Entertainment, to offer a passionate and creative approach to servicing clients, with attention to details, and a willingness to try things that haven’t been done before. But I also love being a part of that process — writing, journaling, blogging… it’s my outlet for all the story ideas, songs, poetry and prose that play volleyball in the corners of my brain.

This blog is just one of the ways of repositioning the scales of my life with me back in the balance, along with those who I represent.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. Hey Gloria! exciting to see you do a blog. I’m terrible at checking, so I want the notification via e-mails.

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